Death is my name

If I die, I’ll die with pride, I’ll die with honor, my head held high. I can feel death coming, her kiss on my neck, her walls closing in, her shrieks of success, but I won’t go down easy, I’m a warrior to the core, I’ll make this fight so epic, I’ll live on in lore. People will sing of the battle as ages passes by, of the fierce warrior who stood an stared death in the eye. For my will is dominant, I’m warrior trained, warrior bred, when death is in reach, I’ll lope off her head. So I’ll take on the mantle an cause the death of a reign, I’ll stand tall an I’ll stand ready, for death is my name!

Struggle is real

This prison crap is getting old like a hymn hardly sung, I’m currently doing 20 years for manslaughter, I started when I was young. I’ve done a long 18 years now an times been passing me by, it’s time for me to man hell up an stop getting high. For I have a beautiful an loyal woman that loves me an waiting desperately for me to come home, I can truly say I’m blessed with success an I keep that resonating in the front of my dome. I’ll never forget what brought me here nor the struggles that I’ve been thru, for I’ve learned from the past, I’ve kicked alot of ass, an give God all the glory he’s due!


Its time to tighten up people!

Epidemic? nope, that’s small town!

So pull up your big boy panties,

Pandemic? yup, and it’s world round!

Every country’s under siege,

They all have sick an dying!

People don’t know who to believe anymore,

Both the government’s an the news be lying!

They say”don’t touch your face!”

“Make sure you wash your hands!”

“Don’t go out in groups anymore!”

“Stay away as best you can!

If your sick go into 14 day quarantine,

But if your old or something’s wrong with you,

You probably just lost life’s warranty,

Tissue run out?

You can always wipe with socks!

Hand sanitizer gone already?

It’s ok,there’s always gin on the rocks,

Back in the old days when trouble came

The world would stick together,

Now we must do it alone an hope for some better weather,

So pick up your bible an start to pray,

When you realize your powerless and alone,

Just give it to God let’s do it God’s way,

An maybe God will take us home!

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